WSS ROX-ECO-10 Wall Mounted Type

The ROX-10WB-E unit requires little space and can be mounted on the wall above the sink. The water softener and the salt tank can be placed underneath the sink. This unit features a built-in contactless sensor. Just hold your hand up to the sensor; the sensor detects your hand and automatically emits electrolyzed water. The system is very sanitary, as it outputs water without hand contact.

Equipped with Easy-to-Use Flex Nozzles.
The unit also features flexible pouring nozzles that can be bent to any desired angle. The nozzle can also be switched to emit water in a shower flow.

ROX-10WB-E Flexible Nozzles

Daily Output Capacity:
Alkaline Electrolyzed Water (Cleaning Water): Approx. 1.5 to 2.1 t
Acidic Electrolyzed Water (Sanitizing Water): Approx. 1.5 to 2.1 t

Emit Continuously or at Predetermined Times.
The system features two output modes, a normal mode that provides a continuous stream only when and in the amount needed, and one that allows users to set a timer and have the stream start and automatically shut off at preset times. This is a convenient feature for tasks such as filling sinks with electrolyzed water.

Indicator and control panels are easy to read and use.
ROX-10WB-E Indicator PanelsAdjust Flow Rate Easily with a Single Button.
The flow rate can be adjusted just by pressing the control panel’s flow adjustment switch. Select from “Low”, “Standard”, and High flow rates. Note that output capacity may not increase if water supply pressure is insufficient.


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